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Most Similar Game to Minecraft

When you are looking for similar games to Minecraft you want the closest related game don’t you?! I know I have a list of games on this site for you to check out but I never really tell you which one is the most relevant. Well I figured I will go ahead and give you that information now!

If you have read about all the games on this site then you might have an idea. Most of them are building or sandbox online games but each one features different things and some even feature some pretty cool add-ons. For instance, one of the games is just like Minecraft but you pretty much have team on team battles while building the landscape. That is a pretty sweet twist is it not!?

Well anyway, here it goes. The one you want to try out if you are looking for a free version of Minecraft like game is definitely Roblox. It shares all of the same features but has a more lego like look and feel to it. With design set aside however, this is the game you want. You can build whatever your imagine desires and all of the tools are right there at your disposal. It is my belief that Roblox is completely free to play so check it out an let me know what you think!

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